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Competent meeting framework

Murikka Institute is a brisk conference venue. Work communities, associations and organisations all find a suitable alternative in our supply of meeting and training facilities just for their needs.  

We also have tailored complete service packages for you to choose of. See our packages (in finnish) here or pick the services you want.

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For small groups

For small groups we have functional meeting rooms and comfortable corners for socializing, be it in our cosy banquette rooms or in more secluded fire place atmosphere.

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For large groups

For audiences of hundred or more we have an auditorium or the sports hall at your disposal.

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Training facilities

All our meeting and working group rooms are on the same level near each other.

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Weather permitting, we also can have events in the inner court of Murikka or in the free nature enjoying an open fire, a cosy lean-to or the cliff on the beach.

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Entrance hall and common rooms

You can also use our library as well as the entrance hall and the common rooms! On the stage in the library you can set up a memorable show for your colleagues or customers.

Meeting and class rooms:

  • Class rooms Valu and Rauta (50–60 persons or 2 x 30 persons)*  [ pohjapiirros]
  • Class rooms Verstas, Masuuni, Telakka, Paja and Latomo (15–30 persons)*, all connected to four working group rooms for 6-8 persons [ pohjapiirros]
  • Auditorium (150 persons)*
  • Sports hall (300 persons)  [ pohjapiirros]
  • Banquet rooms Pultti and Ruuvi
  • After sauna room with fireplace
  • Restaurant Mutteri-Club (basement)
  • Library
  • Museum smithery

* All class rooms and the auditorium have the usual audio-visual facilities. The WLAN network in the main building and in the accommodation area is free of charge to our customers.