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The best bites from our own restaurant

Murikka has two restaurants, both of them with a breath-taking view to the lake Näsijärvi. In summer, the blooming courtyard also invites to enjoy our cuisine in a pleasing atmosphere.

The restaurants are also suitable for unforgettable family events and merry evening parties. Both our restaurants are licenced.

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Upper restaurant

The daily meals are served from the buffet in the grand upper restaurant. You will have a view to the lake Näsijärvi. We can also cater for large groups.

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The Club is open in the evenings and can be reserved for private events. Mutteri gives the opportunity to share time with friends, play darts or pool. The juke box plays dance music. 

Culinary offerings for any occasion

Murikka's supply of culinary choices will top off the day's labour or bring a special touch to festive moments. We prepare all our meals with devotion in our own kitchen using only fresh ingredients - you will notice the difference.

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Buffet and menus

In addition to the rich buffet luncheon we serve tasty tailored menus according to the customer's wishes and to the theme of the occasion.

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Afternoon coffee

You can enjoy your afternoon coffee in the restaurant or in the meeting room. If you prefer you can also take your group to outdoors and invite them to have an open fire coffee experience in the fresh lake district air.