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Freshening up and gathering experiences

The beautiful natural environment around Murikka refreshes the body and invigorates the spirit. The versatile opportunities for indoor and outdoor sports activities offer something for everyone who likes brisk action - from a sawdust track to Frisbee golf, from the swimming pool to a climbing wall.

Print here the list of Murikka's own activities (in Finnish).

We also organise instructed leisure time activities and different competitions with our co-operation partners. Read more on our activity packages here (in Finnish).

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Outdoor games

A summery relaxation day with co-workers is well spent for instance with Frisbee golf, woodblock boules "Mölkky" or soccer. With a ride onour bikes you can explore the surroundings.

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Indoor games

If you want to break a sweat you can climb the walls or choose a game of floorball, basket or volleyball.

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The proximity of the lake Näsijärvi offers a splendid setting for outdoor activities: you can swim, use our rowing boats and try your luck with the fishing rod.The lean-on on the beach cliff invites you to enjoy your afternoon coffee.

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Nature path and sawdust track

Those who appreciate the tranquillity of nature can step on the nature path, alone or in a group. The sportive types can break a sweat on the illuminated 2 km sawdust track, running in summer and skiing in winter.

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Swimming hall

The swimming hall has two sauna departments. In the larger adult pool you can do fitness swimming or water gymnastics. Also a children's training pool is available.

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Strongmen and -women as well as regular fitness enthusiasts will be glad to find a gym in our premises.